Sarah van der Pers (Studio Orange Peel) / Super Nova
It was a pleasure to collaborate with Sara on my graduation project. I had come across her photos before and I knew she was the right person to contact. Sara knew how to enhance my art vision but also implement her own unique style into the photographs. Not only did she have a lot of creative input, she also has a lot of technical experience and talent which made the pre process and the shooting day flow nicely!  She was very precise about the work until the very end and knew exactly how to handle all the obstacles that came along in a very professional way. It was a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to work together even more in the future.
Jitske van der Zee / Zeevanverf
Ik heb voor mijn bedrijf Zeevanverf foto’s laten maken door Sara. In de voorbereiding zit ontzettend veel aandacht en Sara neemt je mee in alles wat ze denkt en communiceert alles. Haar ideeën zijn origineel en duidelijk. De uitvoering was super! Op de set zorgde Sara ervoor dat iedereen op hun gemak was en heerste een gezellige sfeer. De uiteindelijke foto’s die ik heb mogen ontvangen zijn ontzettend mooi!

I commissioned Sara to take photos taken by Sara for my company Zeevanverf. A lot of attention went into the preparation and Sara walks you through everything and communicates everything. Her ideas are original and clear. The execution was great! On set, Sara made sure everyone was comfortable and there was a pleasant atmosphere. The final photos I received are incredibly beautiful!
Anouck van Riemsdijk / Zeevanverf
crew, model
Wat een eer dat ik model mocht zijn voor de kledinglijn van Zeevanverf. En dan ook nog het geluk dat Sara de fotograaf was! Ik had haar al eens bericht dat ik haar foto's super gaaf vond, en dat ik nu voor haar camera mocht staan?! In 1 woord: AMAZING! Het was echt een super leuke dag en een superfijn team. De communicatie verliep soepel en ik heb echt genoten. Dankjewel!

What an honor that I was scouted to be a model for the Zeevanschilder clothing line. And how fortunate that Sara was the photographer! I had already messaged her that I thought her photos were super cool, and that I could now stand in front of her camera?! In one word: AMAZING! It was a very fun day and a great team. Communication went smoothly and I really enjoyed the photoshoot. Thank you!
Bunga C. Noz / Zeevanverf
crew, model
Als fotograaf kijk ik erg op naar Sara, omdat ze een unieke kijk heeft met het uitwerken van concepten. Hoe ze bijvoorbeeld niet alleen de achtergrond, maar ook de rest van de studio in haar foto’s weet te incorporeren.
En ook als model is het fijn met haar te werken. Ze zorgt ervoor dat iedereen zich comfortabel voelt, er is de ruimte voor eigen creatieve vrijheid en wanneer nodig ook kleine pauzes zodat het niet zo voelt als een erg lange shootdag. Dat ze ook een muziekbox en een iPhone lader meeneemt om te gebruiken, is een ander detail waarom het fijn is met Sara te werken.
Toen ik op een gegeven moment vroeg naar wat meer aanwijzingen voor de stemming van het poseren, kreeg ik die meteen. Voor mij is het het belangrijkst dat we het allemaal gezellig hebben en elkaar respecteren voor de tijd die we in de fotoshoot stoppen. Ik heb best veel shoots gehad waar het model een soort onbelangrijke nagedachte is en dat had ik bij Sara totaal niet. Dat was echt superfijn!

As a photographer I really look up to Sara, because she has a unique perspective on developing concepts. For example, how she manages to incorporate not only the background, but also the rest of the studio into her photos.
And it is also nice to work with her as a model. She ensures that everyone feels comfortable, there is room for their own creative freedom and, when necessary, small breaks so that it does not feel like a very long shoot day. The fact that she also brings a music box and an iPhone charger to use is another detail why it is nice to work with Sara.
When at one point I asked for some more directions to the mood of the posing, I got them right away. For me, the most important thing is that we all have a good time and respect each other for the time we put into the photo shoot. I've had quite a few shoots where the model is a kind of unimportant thought and I didn't have that at all with Sara. That was really great!
Marinde Hendriks / Zeevanverf
crew, make-up artist
I’ve had a great experience working with Sara! She’s really organized and knows how to portray het vision well. Her work is beautiful and unique!
Renske Tiemersma / MarlienWEAR
crew, visual artist
I worked with Sara for a photoshoot for MarlienWEAR. I know Sara from the Fine Art course at HKU and I have rarely seen a person who works harder than she does. Whenever we speak, I hear about new projects or plans that are in the making. I had been showing Sara a video installation project I was working, on when she asked me if I could use the same technique as a backdrop for a photoshoot. I thought it was a good idea and fun to try. And I'm glad I said yes! What I liked best was the clear and professional communication. It was well-organized, with a tight timeline that was also achievable. I would love to work together again!
Shenna Weijers / Het Begin van Groeien
crew, gaffer
It was really nice to work with Sara. She is really talented and open minded and was making sure that everyone was feeling good on set.
Cato Devilee Cato Devilee
client, stylist
I had such a positive experience working with Sara! During the shoot she gave me really helpful tips and clear directions on how to pose. Sometimes I can feel a bit awkward standing in front of the camera, but with Sara that was not the case at all!  Her energy during the shoot was wonderful: focused and energetic at the same time. I could tell that she was aiming for the best results, as she was not afraid to climb onto things or lay on the floor just to get that one perfect shot. It was great that we could brainstorm and bounce ideas off each other, both before and during the shoot to make the shots as great as possible. After the shoot, Sara edited the pictures to perfection and she delivered the end results to me super quickly! Overall, I would highly recommend working with Sara and I hope to shoot with her again sometime.
Studio Blankpage. Haute Nature.
client, fashion designer
I met Sara on the shoot of my graduation project. It was a pleasure to work with her. During the shoot I found out she was a photographer and she offered me her services. I needed the photos of this shoot edited for a fast approaching deadline. The communication was great and the pictures look beautiful. Thank you Sara!
Annika Hagen Onbeschaamd Vrouwelijk
collaborator, photographer
Anders dan haar achternaam [Klijn] doet vermoeden zijn haar ideeën en uitwerkingen groots. Ik voelde me een prinses voor haar camera en het resultaat was koninklijk. Een aanrader!​​​​

Annika Hagen through Purple Port
Sara is a gifted artist and excels in conceptual work, creating thought-provoking pieces that challenge norms and address societal issues. 
Her art serves as a medium for meaningful conversations. Beyond her talent, Sara's warm and kind personality makes her a joy to work with, leaving a lasting impression on everyone she meets. 
Her creative prowess and wonderful character enrich both the art world and the people who know her. We have worked together multiple times and I would be very pleased to work with Sara Roos again.
Pauline Meijer Onbeschaamd Vrouwelijk
collaborator, visual artist
It was a lot of fun working with Sara. She was very enthusiastic and I was able to contribute my own ideas from start to finish. I liked that she gave a lot of guidance, it made me feel very comfortable. She walked me through the whole process. In short, it was a very nice collaboration and I am incredibly happy with the result!
Mahika Knopper Onbeschaamd Vrouwelijk
collaborator, visual artist
Sara is great to work with! She gives clear instructions and knows how to make you feel comfortable by listening and checking how you feel. She’s always open for input from her models or the people she works with. I would love to work with her again!
We Are The Nice Guys Characters
client, performers
Sara was organized, responded fast, had professional equipment and knew how to handle that. Because of this we could get a lot done within little time. Further, she left us fully responsible for the creative side and the content. We felt free to play around while she took our pictures.
Arno Westerberg Paintings by Arno Westerberg
client, visual artist
Sara’s photographs are always done in favor of the light and the colour already existing. The images are worked without any superficial aesthetic and therefore the photographs work in favor of the paintings. Our cooperation is always fluent.
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