Hi, I'm Sara Roos!

Welcome to my portfolio website. I'm an independent photographer, filmmaker and visual artist based in Utrecht. I have completed my Bachelor of Fine Art studies at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) in 2023. 

In relation to my artistic practice, I like to describe myself as a storyteller. I mainly create (audio)visual work about personal yet common experiences related to social issues. I often tell a story about an experience of mine in a way that conveys the emotions I felt going through that experience, but leaves room for other people’s own interpretation. It is important to me that the spectator can make their own connection with my work, in any way. It leads to interesting and sometimes much needed conversations. Therefore, these conversations often lead to understanding for ourselves and one another. 

I really enjoy doing commercial photography and videography work besides my own projects. My favorite type of commercial work is fashion photography, but I also love doing portrait and product photoshoots. You can find me as a photographer at events and exhibitions sometimes too. It brings me a lot of joy to make people feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, whether they're a professional model or someone who wants to me to capture the best version of themselves.
Exhibitions & publications

Nomination for Vogue Talent
October 2023
I was nominated for Vogue Talent by Vogue NL and Spark Productions.

Lift-Off Film Festival - Het Begin van Groeien
September 2023
My short film ‘Het Begin van Groeien’ was shown at online film festival Lift-Off: First-Time Filmmakers by Lift-Off Global Network.

Guest Artist - Het Begin van Groeien
September 2023
I was invited by No Limits! Art Castle to be a Guest Artist at Sexyland World. I showed my short film ‘Het Begin van Groeien’ accompanied by the installation.

HKU Exposure - Het Begin van Groeien
June and July 2023
My short film ‘Het Begin van Groeien’ and accompanying multi-media installation were showing at ‘Exposure’, the graduation exhibition of the HKU Bachelor of Fine Art graduates from 2023.

O - Het Begin van Groeien
June and July 2023
My short film ‘Het Begin van Groeien’ was projected on the HKU Conservatorium building at Mariaplaats as part of the collaboration project ‘O’, lead by artist Marieke van der Burg, supported by the Light-Up Collective.

Elektron - De Ontkieming
June 2023
My short film ‘Het Begin van Groeien’ was shown at ‘Elektron’, an exhibition at New Space Studio.
Niet te vergeten - Het Begin van Groeien film still
June 2023
A film still of my short film ‘The Beginning of Growing’ is featured with a number of other art works on the front page of the ‘Niet te vergeten’ edition of the BK-informatie Magazine. The film still is also included in the magazine itself.

Wat is vrijheid voor jou? - De Ontkieming
May 2023
My short film ‘De Ontkieming’ was shown at the Liberation Day exhibition ‘Wat is vrijheid for jou?’ at Stadsklooster Utrecht.


Open - Several photo series
October 2022
Several of my photo series were shown at ‘Open’ in De Helling, an exhibition and event about mental health, organized by Thirty030.


Anyway Anyhow Anywhere - The Making of Emptiness
December 2021
My short film ‘The Making of Emptiness’ was part of the ‘Anyway Anyhow Anywhere’ exhibition in Omstand. It was shown in the art gallery’s movie house.
Resume (short version)​​​​​​​
Artistic schooling at HKU
Bachelor of Fine Art
Semester Bachelor of Audiovisual Media
Seminars: InDesign, Title Sequence Design, Personal Branding
Fine Art Preparatory Course

Rory Pilgrim
Silke Schönfeld via the Rijksakademie

Work experience in the artistic and commercial field
Jobs: visual artist, photographer, art director, producer, set designer, location scout,
Styles: fine art, creative fashion, portrait, documentary, events, exhibitions, art works/exhibitions

Filmmaking and videography
Jobs: visual artist, filmmaker, director, producer, D.O.P., scenarist, set designer, location scout, editor
Styles: fine art, performance, documentary, content creation

Jobs: photo and video editor, color corrector, content creator
Styles: fine art, creative fashion, portrait, retouching, performance, documentary, events, art works/exhibitions, content creation
Other work experience
Coolblue: technical advisor and sales employee
- Equipment loan office employee
- Event organizer and host
- Online moderator
- Representative
Entropt: festival employee
De Bijlesmeester: tutor English, Dutch, German, math and more

Editing apps experience
Photo editing: Photoshop, Lightroom
Video editing: Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve Studio
Graphic Design: InDesign​​​​​​​

For my more elaborate resume, please send me an e-mail through the contact page.

-De zee is alleen, 2022

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