Walking Nine Lives (W9L) is a project set up by a group of passionate young creatives. Bundeling the world of photography, sustainability, fashion and art they manufactored the fashionshow Walking Nine Lives with the goal to redefine fashion as inclusive and sustainable. At W9L clothes are not seen as waste, but as pieces that need to find a new home and a new way to be loved.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The catwalk was open to all fashion lovers regardless of gender, size or age. Moreover, all outfits were assembled with secondhand pieces from vintage stores Tante Pollewop and Reshare Store and sustainable designer pieces of MarlienWEAR and Sophie Fabre Design.​​​​​​​ The decorations were made of donated clothes by artist Zoë Peelen.
Fashion is something to be celebrated by all including the planet. And this celebration was heard through the funky tunes of Susurrus and with the dance moves of Siobhán and Petra.
The exhibition room
After the show there were several second-hand shops and activities for the visitors. They could refurbish their own pieces with screenprinting, linoleum prints and foil printing.
Event credits
Core team: Bunga Noz (founder & CEO), Milan Graafland (socials manager), Suzy-Anne Beekman (secretary & event coordinator), Zoë Peelen (curator & accountant), Mary-Joan Martis (model manager), Isabel Prinsen (graphic designer)
Clothes on the catwalk: Tante Pollewop, Reshare, Store Tilburg, MarlienWEAR, Sophie Fabre Design & donated clothes
Styling: Yanitsa Krasteva
Models: Natalia Platek, Sinna Monroe, Keo, Kubi, Ben Seinige, Agne, Ivana Danailova, Saher, Marijn Dekker, Sandy, Alexia, Zosia Kieliszewska, Leon Maciak, Amela Sina, Kai, Ronald van der Schee, Gamze Akcakya, Yara Bekkering, Deborah, Sann, Jade Overtoom, Bente
Dancers: Siobhán O’Connor, Petra Kruselj
DJ: Susurrus
Exhibition room: Goejenhandel, Thirsty Clothing, Retouch Vintage, Clara Daniels, Kutlay Evrensel, Alex Sinke, STAI Amnesty, Lisa de Koning, Zoë Peelen, Tante Pollewop

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