Onbeschaamd Vrouwelijk (Unashamedly Feminine) is a photo series about what femininity means to different people. The series also explores what their femininity would look like, if we were to let go of all bad connotations attached to the word.
I used to be afraid of being too feminine and not feminine enough. For most of my life, femininity was portrayed around me and in the media as something bad, something to be ashamed of. I started researching how different people experience this and from there I created this photo series. By making this series I learned a lot about society's view of femininity, but also about the view it gave me of my own femininity.
For Mahika, femininity is an energy dat directly connects with her emotions. Femininity is the complete acceptance of her intuition.
For Annika, femininity is fluid. It’s powerful and soft at the same time. Femininity is feeling connected with a strong internal power. It’s being able to express herself in different ways and being true to who she really is.
For Pauline, femininity is a force, a beautiful energy that everyone can have. Femininity is freedom, creativity and the power of both nature and sexuality. She expresses her femininity through fashion and art. Femininity has a big role in the love she gives to others and herself.

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