'Super Duper Mega Fan' is an absurdist horror film made by Studio Orange Peel aka Sarah van der Pers. I photographed Jordan Burleson as fictional popstar 'Super Nova'. These photos represent the character's journey in the music industry. The photos have been used as album covers, posters and props in the film. They will also be used as promotional material for the film itself.
Album 1
Super Nova is young, excited and new to the music industry.
Album 2
Super Nova is entering her 'bad girl era'. She wants to be taken more seriously while she's becoming an adult.
Album 3
Super Nova is a young adult now and is entering her more calm and serious phase as a singer.
Poster editing by Sara van der Pers
Nails by Bassment Nails
photography & editing: Sara Roos - art direction: Sarah van der Pers - model: Jordan Burleson - production: Bart Swier - assistant: Lisa Kraaijeveld - 2nd assistant: Vivan van Enkhuizen - lighting: Brian Gressie, Sara Roos, Lisa Kraaijeveld - hair & makeup: Alicia Stuifzand - styling: Cato Devilee -  designs: Godzy Jeanz (Kees Hollander), Zoë Zita - clothing: Oud Zaad - nails: Bassment Nails -- studio: Studio Orange Peel - poster editing: Sarah van der Pers

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