‘Een wereld die niet voor mij gemaakt is’ (‘A world that wasn’t made for me’) is a short film made by several artists that are diagnosed with a form of ADHD. It can be difficult to be a neurodivergent person living in a neurotypical world. The film shows how it can feel to live with ADHD before getting the answer to “why am I like this?” and not knowing how to accept yourself the way you are.
We made this short film for people who sometimes or regularly feel lost in this ever so busy world. It is a film for everyone on the spectrum and everyone outside of it. It is a film for everyone who constantly has to face difficulties in life and wants to be heard, but sometimes can’t rise above the infinite noise of chaos. It is a film for everyone who wants to understand why their loved one has such an incredible mind, but also a hard time keeping up with the rest of the world.
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